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Let us create a special experience for our little friends.

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Alternative and imaginative parties for children

Exclusive use of our Disco which is an especially modified area. A 2-3 hour escape for the kids and for the parents with live acting from an actor/entertainer.

Dancing and playing games in an exclusively converted area which will trigger your children’s instinct of dancing and exposure to music which of course will lure them, as well as their parents, to get on stage! Concerning your event’s itinerary, we could include, of course after getting in touch with us, a one hour riddle game in the especially modified chamber for children. The specific area intrigues children’s imagination and wittiness. Recommended age from 8 and above.

One of our sole policies is to ensure that a warm hospitality is provided to the parents. Our area of course provides an indoor lounge for the parents as well as an outdoor lounge where they can enjoy sipping their coffee.

Various or Special Price Deals can be offered after contacting us at : 210 26 96 766.
On our property you will find a way to materialise a special experience of escaping for your offspring. We are so looking forward to seeing you soon.

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