Jungle Treasure

You are the greatest professional thief of your generation. You have so far managed to steal the most important lost treasures in history. But nothing compares to the challenge you are facing today. You have discovered that the largest treasure in the world is here, in the jungle of Tanzania. Your goal is to find and make it your own. But beware, your successes in previous adventures have made many jealous of you. Your eternal rival “Los ladrones” know that you are here and are destined to destroy you. They have already called the Authorities on their way. You do not have much time at your disposal. Hurry up……. Required athletic clothing and a second pair of shoes



80 mins


2-6 players


2 players: 20€/player
3 players: 17€/player
4 players: 15€/player
5 players: 13€/player
6 players: 12€/player