Pablo Escobar - Escape Room

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Emilio Escobar was one of the most mythical and relentless criminals of Colombia. A leader figure of the drug cartel of Medelin. In 1989 he was nominated as the most affluent person on earth. He pledged to pay off his country’s public debt which amounted to 10 billion dollars, being a king himself in the world of drug trafficking and a ruthless murderer. The Authorities had been searching for him for years, when at some point, because of his phone call to his son, the police authorities discovered the location of his hideout which was somewhere in the rainforests of Colombia. Your team takes on the special mission to play the role of the DEA. Your goal is to find him and arrest one of the most ruthless criminals of all times. You have 60 minutes to accomplish your mission and to prevent his escape.



60 mins


2-6 players


2 players: 18€/player
3 players: 14€/player
4 players: 12€/player
5 players: 11€/player
6 players: 10€/player