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Team Building

The reinforcement of staff relationships, the cultivation of teamwork specifically, as well as the increase of productivity can be achieved only by team building events, according to indisputable research all over the world.

Both sexes can take part without either of them having an advantage over the other. It does not require special skills but innate elements of the player in combination with his/her personality aspects. Additionally, it does not require physical skills, however, it does oblige the teams to collaborate. The benefits of team building event:

Interactive communication

Here, conversation and open communication is encouraged among the employees. The more comfortable they feel when communicating in a game, the more self-confidence they manifest. In this way, it is easier to take on new challenges!


Successful teamwork activities not only bring the employees closer but also lead to thriving and creative ideas. Through vying and interaction, productivity increases. Thus, the employees bond in a different way, through entertainment.


Having accomplished a goal outside working hours, the employees understand their colleagues’ potentials, weaknesses and interests more effectively.


Placing a team in a different environment, besides their working place, experiencing new situations, individuals are led to think differently by having fresh ideas. Through an entertaining activity, not only the limits and the weak spots of each team are depicted clearly, but also how they can be eradicated in the working place!


Communication and socialization among employees is one of the best ways to reinforce productivity in the working place!

Problem solving

When a team is called to solve a problem/riddle within the frame of a pleasant and entertaining activity, then they are even ready to solve a problem in the office!

It’s something that can be easily achieved and at a very low cost!


Can we organise a team building event?
Yes, there’s no problem at all. Of course we can organize a team building event for your company according to the demands of your working schedule and of course after working hours.

How can we organize it?
You are kindly requested to fill out the relevant form which you will find here below and we will contact you to confirm your reservation and arrange further details of your event.

Is there any likelihood of continuing our entertainment?
Of course there is and that’s why Escape Land is offered in an especially modified area which can be provided as per your relevant request and according to a mutual agreement.